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You're Only As Good As Who You Surround Yourself With

In our search for the best natural and organic food and products that Richmond, VA has to offer, we come upon many local shops and companies that share our values. Environmentally friendly, aware, community-driven and health conscious folks make up our list of friends. They reflect our mission and the impact we’re here to create. Many of these stores care about us just like we care about them. Below are the local shops we are proud to share a common thread with, who add to our community and we believe you should know about:

SoulShift Journey

Transformative travel experiences await...

If you are one of today’s increasingly mindful travelers, you regard leisure/vacation time as a precious asset, and seek to invest it toward realizing life-enriching, authentic connections to places, people, culture and history.

You may also care about sustainability and reciprocity as a traveler – ensuring your contribution to the preservation of unique environments and communities you visit; the protection of cultural and natural heritages, endangered flora and fauna, culinary traditions, etc.

Whether a trip’s purpose be honeymoon, bucket-list splurge, personal pilgrimage, like-minded friends seeking adventure, annual vacation, or extended-family milestone celebration... domestic or international... independent or small-group... a weekend getaway or a month+... Experienced, independent travel advisor Stacy Luks combines a rich history of personal and client travel experiences with access to a network of unique tour operator & hotel partners to craft soul-shifting journeys for the mindful traveler.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.   - Marcel Proust


Located on historic Broad Street in the heart of Richmond, Verdalina is a women’s clothing boutique whose tagline “cool glamour and sustainable style” best describes their product and vibe. They bring organic and high quality clothes to RVA’s Arts District, putting their spotlight on exclusive designers and independent clothing brands. With a location that has been in the family since 1852, we encourage you to visit them and take a look at their selection.

Carytown Bicycle Company

Located in the historic district of Richmond, VA, we build, sell and repair bicycles as well as stock bicycle apparel, accessories and components. We are deeply invested in bicycle culture and community. For this reason we take great pride in offering the best experience with every customer we meet.

The Apple Cart

Grow your business with The Apple Cart...

The humble apple cart may have been the very first mobile food business, and the concept of food on-the-go has come a long way since then. Food trucks, fine foods producers, and farmers markets have seen unprecedented growth in the last decade. These businesses represent a major shift in the way people look at and buy food.

The Apple Cart provides resources and advocacy for the culinary entrepreneur, experience-based lessons, and strategies for a profitable business. Barb Upchurch and Stephanie Ganz combine their passions for enterprise development and real-world experience in the industry to provide services that meet the specific needs of today's culinary business owner.

Shockoe Denim

Located in Richmond's historic Shockoe Bottom, once the bustling center for tobacco and cotton traders, their showroom creates an environment that resembles an art studio more than a traditional retail store, where anyone can watch the product come to life – allowing them to be a part of the entire creative process. The hum of sewing machines echo the personalities of each of our artisans. And because each jean is crafted by hand, every piece is truly one of a kind.  

Shockoe Denim is a family owned and operated company. As immigrants and first generation Americans, made in America is very important. They take pride in the fact that all raw materials used in their jeans can trace their origins to a US factory or workshop.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's mission is to enlighten and inspire its constituents through its outstanding botanical collections, horticultural displays and landscape design. They engage their constituents with the natural world through interpretation, programs, educational resources and outreach. They advocate for sustainability and stewardship of our planet.

Through botanical, horticultural and educational excellence, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden will reveal the unity and integration of human and plant life, celebrate the fundamental significance of the natural world, and enrich our community and beyond.

Museum District Association

Nestled between The Fan and Richmond’s West End, the Museum District is one of Richmond’s most significant collections of early 20th century architecture and became the state’s third largest historic district in 1993, later added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. The district features the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Virginia Historical Society, brick row houses, detached townhouses, apartment buildings, small commercial structures, churches, a synagogue and schools. With a dense population, close proximity to the Carytown, plus sidewalks and tree-lined streets, this neighborhood is a flourishing pedestrian environment and our home for over 20 years now. We support the Museum District Association's mission to unite, protect and advance the interests of the neighborhood in order to realize its potential and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood and community, and we value the great work they do to uphold it.