Our Local Vendors

We love the saying, “Shake the hand that feeds you.” – Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals.

To us, this quote represents a large slice of our mission statement, bringing our community closer together through food. It also represents the relationship we believe our customers want to have with their local farmers, growers, vendors, and producers. Knowing where your food comes from is one thing but having the ability to shake the hand that grows it, quite another.

To us, the term “local” means 100 miles or less from our front door. The exact mileage that each local farmer, producer, or vendor is from our front door is important to us. In an effort to remain as transparent as possible, we give the mileage (as the crow flies) from our front door to theirs.  The mileage you see below is soured directly from Google Maps Distance calculator, just incase you’re wondering.

Welcome to the page where we introduce you to the folks that nourish our bodies and community!  Think of this page as one big dinner party buffet with plenty of good food to go around. If you’d like to see all of our farmers and vendors listed out, then you should check out our Local Food System page.

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Produce: Here’s a few of our local farmer and growers. While this list is always growing, we’ll try and keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

A Thyme To Plant & Lavender Fields Farm (USDA Organic) | Glen Allen, VA | 8.5 Miles

A Thyme To Plant is owned and operated by Stan and Nicole Schermerhorn. They are a USDA Certified Organic herb and vegetable farm located on 37 acres of rolling hills beside the winding Chickahominy River. Just 12 minutes from downtown Richmond, their farm is open from March until Christmas, offering over 200 varieties of naturally grown herbs and starter veggies. A Thyme to Plant also offers a variety of classes, lectures, farm tours, locally crafted skin care items. Visit their website for more information.

A.M. Fog Mushrooms | Afton Mountain, VA | 79 Miles

Just off of I-64 West you can pull off into the beautiful view of Afton Mountain. Take a few back roads and you’ll end up at A.M. Fog Growers, one of our local mushroom producers. In 2007, A.M. Fog began growing seven different types of mushrooms, including our favorites, oyster and crimini. We love to sauté them on a hot cast iron pan with olive oil, salt, ground pepper, and just a splash of balsamic vinegar. Shut your eyes and enjoy the amazing flavor of these guys. Available most of the year.

Agriberry CSA Farm | Studley, VA | 14 Miles

Agriberry strives to treat the Earth well in hopes that she will return the favor. Though they are not certified organic, they use as many organic practices as they can when growing fruit. They also follow Extension Service guidelines for growing and harvesting our product. Utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM), they focus on sustaining a healthful and natural multi-year farm planting. These practices help to minimize the effects of disease, insects, and compounding weather patterns.

Blue Ridge Growers | Stevensburg, VA | 64 Miles

Blue Ridge Growers, Inc. is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 30 years. They are located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Culpeper County, Virginia, and specialize in a full range of bedding plants, hanging baskets, premium flowering annuals, fall mums and poinsettias.

Critzer Family Farms

Critzer Family Farms | Afton Mountain, VA | 79 Miles

When it comes to growing delicious produce in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you could say the Critzer’s are where it started. The family has been in the Nelson County/Afton Mountain area since the end of the Revolutionary War! For five generations, they’ve been actively involved in farming in the beautiful Rockfish Valley. Today the farm is 100% focused on providing fresh fruits and vegetables to surrounding farmer’s markets and customers using environmentally friendly growing and harvesting methods to help preserve the land for generations to come.

Dickie Brother’s Orchard | Roseland, VA | 86 Miles

Dickie Brother’s Orchard is located in beautiful Nelson County, surrounded by rich soils and amazingly fresh mountain water. Their land was granted to the Dickie family since England’s King George II granted it to them in 1750. Yup, their family has been farming that same land for over two centuries! Tommy and John Bruguiere are the seventh generation to manage Dickie Bros. Their parents, Tom and Emilie Dickie Bruguiere managed this beautiful farm for over four decades and live here on the farm where they grown 15 different varieties of apples. They also grow peaches, nectarines, blackberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and much more.

Epic Gardens | Bon Air, VA | 4 Miles

Epic Gardens, located near Bon Air, Virginia, is a local source for fresh vegetables, herbs, eggs (from part-time free-range chickens) and cut flowers.  They are a very small-scale, sustainable farmstead right in the city! The also provide hands-on instruction in holistic gardening practices including soil building, integrated pest management, and growing food according to G.A.O.P. or generallyaccepted organic practices. They’re particularly known for their delicious Edamame.

Dogwood Grove Greenhouse | Brodnax, VA | 60 Miles

Dogwood Grove is a small group of growers featuring greenhouse grown pesticide-free tomatoes and cucumbers from March through July. They also have some field crops including heirloom cabbage, onions, romaine lettuce, several varieties of summer squash,okra and others. They use only natural or organically approved pesticides when needed on all of the field crops. During the summer, their tomatoes are hard to beat!

Henley Orchards | Crozet, VA | 76 Miles

Henley’s Orchard has been family owned and operated since 1932. Today, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, they offer many varieties of apples and peaches when in season. The farm grows 38 varieties of apples and 28 varieties of peaches, which you can easily find at Ellwood’s when available. The farm also offers grass-fed beef which we hope to one day offer as well.

Manakintowne Specialty Growers | Powhatan, VA | 24 Miles

Jo and Rob Pendergraph, with the help of some extended family and friends, own and operate Manakintowne Specialty Growers in beautiful Powhatan, VA. Since 1985, they have been practicing sustainable growing methods and paying extra attention to soil health. They produce amazing salad greens, micro greens, herbs, and sprouts which they split between three greenhouses and their field, year-round.

Origins Farm (Certified Naturally Grown) | Hanover, VA | 14 Miles

Origins Farm (formerly Victory Farms) is a small, family-run, Certified Naturally Grown farm in Hanover, Virginia. Owner/Operator Alistar Harris has been farming for a living since 2010. Alistar spent 2010 and 2011 learning and studying the methods perfected by the previous owner Charlie Collins, for growing fine-quality produce on a small urban farm. The six acres of land are compost-fed and pesticides are never used. Artisanally grown produce is hand-harvested and tended to daily by Alistar and a small team, and arrives at the markets freshly picked, clean and ready to enjoy.

Quail Cove Farm (USDA Organic) | Machipongo, VA | 85 Miles

Quail Cove Farms is family-owned and operated and is located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. They use this nutrient-dense soil to grow USDA certified organic product, including the item that we’re most fond of, sweet potatoes, which you’ll find in our store in the early fall/winter.

Saunders Brothers Orchard | Piney River, VA | 83 Miles

Nestled in the foothills on the ‘Sunrise Side’ of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Saunders Brothers Orchard began as a partnership between five brothers in 1915. Today, third generation brothers, Tom, Bennett, Jim and Robert, with their dad, Paul, operate the wholesale nursery, orchard, and farm market. The wholesale nursery operation now consists of approximately 75 acres of container production and 75 acres of field production.

Sneads Farm | Fredericksburg, VA | 52 Miles

Sneads Farm has been around since Emmett Snead started selling eggs from his bicycle at age 6 throughout Fredericksburg to the locals. That was years ago. Now, you can find fresh-picked asparagus, grapes, raspberries, blackberries, sweet corn, watermelon, okra, tomatoes, squash, and more from their farm.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange | Mineral, VA | 38 Miles

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is a sister company of Twin Oaks Community Tofu, located in between us and Charlottesville, VA. Their Certified Organic seed company produces 100% non-GMO seeds and heirloom varieties, grown right here in Virginia. They offer more than 700 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb, grain and cover crop seeds. They specialize in unusual, Southern heirlooms, including peanuts, southern peas, naturally colored cotton, collards, okra, roselle, turnip greens, and butterbeans. They’re also known for their open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds.

Rich Perello

Terrariums by Rich | Richmond, VA | 1 Miles

Richard Perello makes miniature worlds, at least that’s what he refers to them as, and we’d have to agree. When you look inside one of his amazingly detailed terrariums, you can’t help but want to be inside, scaled down, and exploring. He’s grown a strong following at our store and at the farmer’s markets that he regularly attends. Using small succulents and beautiful natural elements such as crystals, polished rocks, and rich soil, he’s able to create these small treasures that are perfect for gifts or as a table side companion. You can learn more on his website or watch his video to learn more.

Tricycle Gardens | Richmond, VA | 4 Miles

Tricycle Gardens is a grassroots, environmental nonprofit organization focused on bringing agriculture, nutrition education and healthy food access to the urban core of Richmond, Virginia.  Founded in 2002 by three architects living in Church Hill who believed community gardens, and the simple act of growing food, were the fastest ways to transform the overall health of their community – both for the residents and the environment. The goal of Tricycle Gardens is to transform abandoned, overgrown urban lots into sources of food and opportunities for economic development in low income neighborhoods.  Starting with a group of friends and neighbors planting one community garden on a vacant lot owned by The Better Housing Coalition; Tricycle Gardens has grown into four community gardens, three learning gardens, a green house at Bryan Park, a ½-acre urban farm and a 3,000 sq ft edible forest garden at the Science Museum of Virginia.

Bulk & Grocery: Within the aisles and in our coffee bins, you’ll find delicious, locally-produced goods. Though not all of these items are grown in Virginia soil, they often times are from small-scale producers to still take the time to craft amazing product, even if they are from imported ingredients.

Amelia Springs Water | Amelia, VA | 24 Miles

Amelia Springs Bottled Water, renown as some of the purest water in the country is drawn and bottled at a plant off Route 604 and distributed nationally. We’re big fans of drinking local water around here, especially when it tastes this good. To us, it’s so easy to avoid drinking water imported from across the world when you’ve got even better stuff in your back yard. If you’re doubtful of that, then we gladly invite you to compare the two side by side.

Basic Bev

Basic Beverages | Fauquier County, VA | 74.8 Miles

Basic Beverages was founded in 2013 in beautiful Fauquier County, VA by brother and sister team, Tim and Christina Qura.  They set out to create healthier, better tasting beverages and developed their flagship product- cold brewed coffee.  Brewed for 24 hours, using naturally alkaline, cold water, their coffee has 70% less acid than hot-drip coffee.  This less acidic, smoother coffee is absolutely delicious.   Brewed strong in concentrate form,  two ounces of Basic Beverages’ coffee is the caffeine-equivalent of a shot of espresso.  Hot or cold, you get the same great tasting, low-acid beverage.  Give it a try for your next caffeine boost.

Blanchard’s Coffee | Richmond, VA | 4 Miles

If you want great tasting coffee, it’s got to be freshly roasted. Coffee can go stale quickly so Blanchard’s roasts their beans daily. Roasting in small batches, means fresher coffee, period. They’re not some big corporation just trying to turn a buck. They’re true coffee fanatics who want to bring the very best coffee to your table. So whether you drip or press, if you start with Blanchard’s Coffee you’re starting with the very freshest coffee in town.

Edgewood Farm Eggs | Dayton, VA | 99 Miles

Located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley near Silver Lake, Edgewood Farms is a super small-scale production of free-range and pasture-raised eggs. Their hens roam freely throughout the property and enjoy a healthy diet of bugs, worms, and whatever Mother Nature sends their way. They always have access to shelter when the weather is a bit harsh, and as always, easy access to the beautiful outdoors.

Duling Farms | Mechanicsville, VA | 13 Miles

Mechanicsville’s rich soil and relative closeness to downtown Richmond make it easy for farms like Duling Farms to produce fresh, free-range eggs and deliver them to our store. Look for their rich, golden yolks in the spring and summer.

Ernie’s Epic Salsa | Richmond, VA | 0.5 Miles

Long before Ernie’s salsas were at stores, he was making batches for friends and family and serving it at parties. Even in those early days, he noticed that salsa and social gatherings go together like chips and…well…salsa. So, with vegetables from his garden and plenty of friends and family to test recipes on, Ernie got to work. It took 25 years of tweaking and refining his recipes, but finally Ernie’s “Gourmet Red”, “Perfect Peach, “Black Bean and Corn”, and “Hawaiian Pineapple Heat” were born and put into production for everyone to enjoy….not just his family and friends.

Gunther’s Gourmet | Richmond, VA | 2 Miles

Gunther’s Gourmet originated in the early 1990′s by two brothers Mike and Nick. Today, the two brothers actively work together to develop new flavors and recipes and to grow the business. Their love of food and willingness to experiment has allowed them to develop a line of products and flavors that surpasses what is generally being sold in today’s markets; all while avoiding the artificial ingredients, preservatives, trans fats, and high levels of sodium and cholesterol that are too often found in the products of other companies.

Harmony Hill Farm Eggs | Glen Allen, VA | 10 Miles

Chickens to naturally forage for grass, seeds and insects, which provide them with the needed amount of protein and nutrition their bodies need.  In this natural environment, they live healthy and therefore produce excellent eggs. Harmony Hill hens are moved every few days to a fresh paddock of pasture by way of their egg-mobile which they finished building in August 2012.  The egg-tractor gives protection for the layers, a place for them to lay their eggs and roost.  Then in the evening, they are all in and settled down and they are able to easily move them over to the next piece of pasture behind the cows. This way the chickens have a fresh patch of grass to eat on every single day, allowing the earth to regenerate more nutrients.

KimKim Korean Sauce | Richmond, VA | 3 Miles

Steve Kim, whose Korean parents exposed him to Korean food from an early age, perfected the recipe in his kitchen in Richmond, Virginia. A year ago, he reconnected with an old friend, Tim Ashman, who is in the business of helping food entrepreneurs bottle and take their product to market through his company, Ashman Manufacturing and Distributing Company. They teamed up to produce the first run of KimKim Korean Hot Sauce in early 2012. It’s a sauce that we love to put on our scrambled eggs and other dishes! All natural and no preservatives!

Lamplighter Roasting Co. | Richmond, VA | 1 Miles

What started out as a very small coffee roaster and cafe soon became one of the most popular places to eat and drink in Richmond. Besides serving incredibly delicious foods, they made one helluva cup of Joe. Since opening, Noelle and her husband and Zack Archibald have dedicated more time to perfecting each cup of coffee. While they roast their own, they also constantly experiment at The Kickstand with pour-overs and other brewing methods.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality specialty coffees available. Beans are micro-roasted by hand in ten lb batches, with our Probat L5 roaster. Experience and intuition serve as guides, rather than computer profiling. Samples are cupped and tasted in our lab to determine the ideal profiles for each new crop arrival. This brings out the best of each bean, every season!

NoBull Burgers | Charlottesville, VA | 62 Miles

NoBull Burger originated many years ago, when chef/caterer, Crissanne Raymond, was looking for a better veggieburger that tasted yummy (and was good for you, too!). NoBull Burger became a big hit with family, friends and clients. Over the years many folks craved these burgers compelling Crissanne and her two daughters, Heather and Elizabeth, to set up shop in Charlottesville,VA where Oh My Gosh…Yum!, home of the revolutionary NoBull Burger was born. They now deliver to stores across Virginia, including ours!

Nana Cocina (Abuelita Foods) | Manassas, VA | 84 Miles

Abuelita has been making quality Mexican foods in Virginia since 1971. Eugene Suarez, Sr. and Eugene Suarez, Jr. have remained committed to the tradition of cooking and grinding their own corn for their premium corn tortillas and corn tortilla chips while many companies chose to use the more convenient corn flour.

Polyface Farms Eggs | Swoope, VA | 100 Miles

Located just on the border of our 100-mile radius lies Polyface Farms, one of the reasons why we began to dedicate ourselves to selling local products in the mid 2000′s. After our first tour of the farm and meeting owner and operator, Joel Salatin, we new that Polyface Farm would set the standard for sustainability and holistic, local farming. Polyface, Inc. is a family owned, multi-generational, pasture-based, beyond organic, local-market farm and informational outreach in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. On their land, they raise pork, cattle, chickens, eggs, and beef year round using a number of beyond-organic methods that replenish the land rather than take away from it.

Reginald’s Homemade | Manakin Sabot, VA | 15 Miles

Reginald’s admits their love for the amazing legume, more particularly one that carries a proud history: the Virginia Peanut. In fact, they say it’s the greatest known to mankind! They start out with roasting fresh, Virginia peanuts and then add just a smidgen of oil. Just enough, and they’re done! If you’re looking to expand your palate, they also make a wide variety of flavored butters including Apple Sin, Nana Honey, Hazelnut Amaretto, or White Chocolate Macadamia. Real fruit and natural extracts. No added salt. No preservatives. Ever.

Fruit 66 Sparkling Drinks | Richmond, VA | 4 Miles

Fruit 66 has actually been in the Richmond beverage game for a while. They started out making a drink called Switch which was incredibly popular in the 2000′s. But founder Bill Hargis knew that people wanted a drink with more REAL ingredients in it. Bill traveled the nation’s roads, talking with school nutritionists, parents and health-conscious organizations, then used what he learned to create Fruit 66 – a drink with all natural 100% real juice that is naturally low in calories but has key vitamins and nutrients that our bodies really need. Kids love it, schools want it, and everyone is asking their grocery stores to carry it.

Twin Oaks Tofu (USDA Organic) | Louisa, VA | 37 Miles

Each and every year, usually during the summer months when the grass is tall and the water is warm, we’ll head west of the city to go visit our good friends over at Twin Oaks Community. If you’re not familiar with Twin Oaks, they are an intentional community in rural central Virginia, made up of around 90 adult members and 15 children. Since the community’s beginning in 1967, their way of life has reflected their values of cooperation, sharing, nonviolence, equality, and ecology.

But one of our favorite things about Twin Oaks is the incredible tofu they make! Starting with Virginia-grown organic and NON-GMO edamame beans, they add in fresh, chlorine-free, non-flouridated artisan well water; and the best quality herbs available. We use them to cook with in our kitchen and have them available in our dairy aisle year round! It also just so happens that their entire tofu making facility is 100% solar powered!

Virginia Artesian Bottling Co. | Mechanicsville, VA | 15 Miles

Per the FDA’s Federal Register: The name of water …tapping a confined aquifer in which the water level stands at some height above the top of the aquifer is ‘‘artesian water’’, Artesian water …must not be under the direct influence of surface water as defined in 40 CFR 141.2. Located in Mechanicsville, VA, Virginia Artesian Bottling Co. goes deep beneath the surface to find this delicious, award winning water. We’re such big fans of it that we used it to make our own private label water with.

Virginia Heat Hot Sauce | Richmond, VA | 5 Miles

Virginia Heat is manufactured in Richmond, Virginia in small batches with the help of the owner’s mother. Once mom comes over, the pots start boiling! The sisters do everything from buying the ingredients, locally when possible, to bottling the hot sauces one bottle at a time. We think you’ll enjoy these sauces on just about anything you put them on.

Cheese: There’s nothing like a delicious, and fresh, farmstead cheese. You can almost taste the freshness of it. Our local cheeses typically start with small, family run homesteads that own their own herd, controlling the process the entire way through. These artisan producers don’t use any artificial colorings, dyes or flavors and continually practice sustainable grazing and cheese making techniques year round.

Caromont Farm | Esmont, VA | 66 Miles

Owner Gail Hobbs-Page and her husband started Caromont Farm over five years ago in Esmont, VA. After working as a chef for 25 years, Gail found herself disappointed with the quality of ingredients being used in the restaurants where she worked. She wanted to cook good food and realized that she didn’t have to work in a restaurant to do that. It was a point in her life that required reinvention, and she knew that somehow goats would be involved. Now Gail raised a small herd of pasture-roaming goats and produces very small and limited batches of hand-crafted goats cheese.

Eberly Farms | Harrisonburg, VA | 97 Miles

Eberly Farms makes delicious raw cheese, usually aged for around 60 days from their Harrisonburg farmstead. Currently, we’re proud to carry their cheddar, jalapeno cheddar, and Italian style cheese. They do not use any added hormones or growth steroids on their cattle.

Goat’s “R” Us | Nottoway, VA | 42 Miles

Goats “R” Us is a family owned and operated farm nestled in the southern Virginia county of Nottoway. They produce a wide variety of goat cheese using milk from their cherished goats who graze freely on their 100 acre farmstead. Made from scratch daily, Goats R Us products are ultra-fresh and may be stored in the freezer for up to six months without concern for loss of quality, texture, or flavor. Cheeses are produced on the farm from milk to package in a facility inspected and licensed by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This guarantees optimum quality control of final products, every time.

Sulivan’s Pond Farm | Wake, VA | 59 Miles

This family-owned and operated farm is located on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula at the convergence of the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay. Verdant pastures allow for year-round grazing of their goats. Sullivan’s Pond has been working with heritage and artisanal methods of cheese making since 1990. In 1998, they began garnering Blue Ribbons for their art and products using goat’s milk. Their Toggenburg and Alpine goats joined their efforts in 1999. We are big fans of their seasonal chevres such as chocolate and pumpkin!

Oak Spring Dairy | Upperville, VA | 98 Miles

When Allen Bassler was spending time in England, he decided it would be a good time to learn how to make cheese. So upon his return to the states, he settled down in Upperville, Virginia, which, just so happens to be in the upper region of the state. With his trusty cow named Snickerdoodle, Allen makes delicious English-style cheddars that we love so much. In fact he is one of our only local cheese producers to make an English-style cheddar. If you’ve never tried and English-style cheddar, they’re a bit more moist than American cheddars, thus they crumble easier. Their sharpness can also be found in the cheek, rather than on the front of the tongue.

Beer: Open up a small, craft brewed beer, or better yet, visit the brewery and try it on tap. You can instantly taste the difference compared to larger, factory-breweries. We love craft beers and ales and support all that Virginia has to offer. Here’s a list of local breweries we carry:

Legend Brewery | Richmond, VA | 3 Miles

Legend is Richmond’s oldest micro brewery and our hometown favorites! Located right on the south side of the James River with an incredible view of the city, Legend has been providing premium brews to restaurants and pubs since 1994. Legend is one of the few craft breweries in this region producing both lagers and ales, which require different yeasts and maturation conditions. All Legend beers are unpasteurized and made from only two-row and specialty barley malt, hops, water and yeast.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery| Richmond, VA | 2 Miles

Hardywood took the Richmond beer scene by storm. Opening their doors in the fall of 2011, they have already deeply rooted themselves in the Richmond brewing and non-brewing community. The small brewery works directly with local farmers, producers, and other businesses to source close-to-home ingredients which allow them to make truly unique and one-of-a-kind ales. Founded lifelong friends Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh, the two first discovered hand crafted beer in 2001 at a sheep station in Australia called Hardywood Park, and have been brewing and introducing people to great beer ever since.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery works hard to serve as a steward in environmental preservation. 100% of the brewery’s electricity comes from sustainable energy sources (99% wind power, 1% other renewable energy) via the Dominion Green Power program. Hardywood also employs high efficiency equipment which helps minimize water usage at the brewery, recycles its residual grain for composting and feed, uses 100% recycled packaging, uses reclaimed and sustainably “treecycled” wood for furniture, fixtures, tap handles and coasters, and maintains a nearly paperless office environment.

Starr Hill Brewery | Crozet, VA | 74 Miles

In the mid-90’s, Master Brewer Mark Thompson returned to his native Virginia from Portland, OR, having learned two things: First, that the craft of artisanal brewing was one part science and one part art; and second, that making delicious beer was a lot cooler than anything he had ever done as a biology student. After several years of apprenticing with other master brewers, Mark was ready to begin crafting beer using his own recipes. Starr Hill has certainly grown up in the years since they first opened their doors on Main street in Charlottesville. The small brewery/music hall was quickly outgrown and more beer needed to be made! In 2005, they moved their brewing facility to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Crozet, VA where they still operate today.

Blue Mountain Brewery | Afton, VA | 75 Miles

If you’ve never been to the beautiful Afton Mountain, you should. The scenery and people there are truly amazing. And if you happen to go, make sure, by all means make sure, that you stop by Blue Mountain Brewery at the top of the hill. All of their ales and lagers are produced onsite on a 15 x 30 barrel Premier Stainless brewing system, where they hand craft 2,500 barrels per year (about 80,000 gallons). The brewery’s water source is a natural, 300-foot well drilled by an old spring and fed by miles of untouched forest watershed that form the back slope of their brewing campus. The breweries own hops are featured year-round in their Full Nelson strong pale al (which tastes incredible). The company also has a strong commitment to sustainability.

Blue Mountain Brewery is a proud member of the Virginia Green program. Their environmental efforts include many day-to-day activities aimed at reducing waste, using water efficiently, and conserving energy; for example, they have rain barrels which are directly connected to the irrigation system for their hop farm, and have an engineered water treatment facility that continuously aerobically treats their brewery effluent before returning it to the earth.

Devil’s Backbone | Roseland, VA | 81 Miles

Established in 2008, Devils Backbone Brewing Company is a brewpub located in Roseland, Virginia, close to the famous Wintergreen Resort. The brewery has won several awards at both the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. 2010 also saw Devils Backbone named the World Beer Cup Brewers Association World Beer Cup 2010 Champion Brewery and Brewmaster – Small Brewpub. They produce some incredibly delicious beers which we have in stock most of the year including Vienna Lager, Gold Leaf Lager, and Danzig.

Williamsburg Alewerks | Williamsburg, VA | 45 Miles

Williamsburg AleWerks is located in the heart of the early colonies in Williamsburg, Virginia. Established in 2006, they have rolled out a broad range of beer offerings and quickly established a reputation for fine beer in Virginia and beyond. They operate a direct fired brick-clad Peter Austin brew house and ferment all of their beers in state-of-the-art conical fermentors.

O’conner Brewing | Norfolk, VA | 81 Miles

It all started in 1995 when Kevin O’Connor caught the bug for homebrewing in his college dorm room, and here starts the journey. Post college and after many failed batches of backyard brew (with some eventual successes), he was head over heels for the microbrewing industry and started learning more about the craft. Kevin got his professional start at Steamship Brewing Company in Norfolk, Virginia. Fast forward 10 years later, Kevin, with the help of his equally passionate and enthusiastic brewing team, has begun to make the dream come true of spreading the love of craft beer to Hampton Roads and its’ neighboring cities.

Center of the Universe Brewing | Ashland, VA | 11 Miles

The Center of the Universe Brewing Company began back in 2009 when Chris Ray and his brother Phil began brewing beer in their houses. The hobby turned into an obsession, and the obsession has led them to open up a craft brewery in Ashland, Virginia. Located in the heart of Central Virginia, it is affectionately known as “The Center of the Universe”. COTU brews an assortment of ales using only whole ingredients, while sticking to the traditional all-natural method of brewing beer. We’re proud to have them in our local beer line up!

Wines: Virginia shares some of the same geographic similarities at world renowned producing countries. Rolling hills, the Atlantic ocean, and ample amount of sunset help produce bottle after bottle of wines that showcase the terroir of Virginia. Here are the local wineries and vineyards that we carry:

Barboursville Vineyards | Barboursville, VA | 60 Miles

Since 1976, Barboursville has been crafting delicious Virginia wines in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Winemaker Luca Paschina has been familiar with Virginia varieties and geography since 1991. Through the years, the winery has led in establishing the credibility of the Virginia appellation with an array of vitis vinifera wine varietals, cultivating wines of a European heritage which wholly justify this new terroir. Barboursville is conscious of a joyful debt to that cultural and culinary tradition, not merely in grape cultivation, but in crafting wines of inherent food-friendliness.

Blenheim Vineyards | Charlottesville, VA | 61 Miles

Blenheim Vineyards is a sustainable winery located just south of Charlottesville, VA. The winer and building was designed by Dave Matthews and master craftsman William Johnson and finished in 2000, the Blenheim Vineyards winery building was designed to have minimal impact on the environment. The history of the vineyard dates back to 1730. The vineyard is operated by winemaker and manager Kristy Harmon and Jonas Müller, who together, combine their knowledge of Virginia soil an classic winemaking techniques to create delicious vintages for today’s wine lovers.

Boxwood Estate Winery | Barboursville, VA | 100 Miles

Boxwood produces red wine and red wine only. One of the few sustainable wineries in Virginia, their vineyards have been carefully laid out to conform to the land, the summer light, and the prevailing winds. In the Bordeaux tradition, rows and vines are spaced two meters by one meter, the vines are trained on VSP trellises and only cane pruning and sustainable farming is practiced. Two years before planting, viticulturist Lucie Morton installed weather recording stations and took samples of the soil throughout the vineyard. The vineyards were first planted by laser in 2004, and supplementary plantings were done by hand the two following years.

Cardinal Point Winery | Afton, VA | 78 Miles

Cardinal Point takes great pride in creating high-quality, delicious, and food-friendly wines that put a smile on their customers faces. They go through great lengths to create food-inspired vintages that pair incredibly with the chef in all of us. Winemaker Tim Gorman is a true, Virginia-born winemaker. Having spent time abroad in France and Germany, Tim’s appreciation for international cuisine rooted him back down in Virginia to create the glass that goes with that meal. Tim started tending the family vineyard in 1986, shortly after graduating from James Madison University. In 1991, he enrolled at Virginia Tech to learn more about the science of growing grapes used for winemaking. He received a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, cum laude, in 1993. Today he acts as the primary winemaker for Cardinal Point.

Chatham Vineyards | Machipongo, VA | 86 Miles

Chatham Vineyards is owned and operated by the Wehner family at historic Chatham Farm which has been a working farm for four centuries. The high-density, European- style vineyards contain 32,000 Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot vines. Located on Virginia’s historic Eastern Shore between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, Chatham benefits from a moderate climate and unique soil, perfect for Chardonnays. The vineyards are cane pruned during the winter months to balance the vines and limit yields to less than 4 tons per acre thereby concentrating wine flavors. The grapes are hand-picked and sorted before pressing to ensure the highest quality of the juice. Grapes not vinified at the winery are sold to other wineries in Virginia.

Cooper Vineyards | Louisa, VA | 37 Miles

Cooper Vineyards is located in Louisa, VA, just a short drive from Richmond, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg and in the heart of the Virginia Wine Trail. With an original production of 250 cases in 1999, Cooper Vineyards now bottles approximately 6000 cases per year with over a dozen wines poured for guests visiting the tasting room. The owners like to describe their winemaker, Graham Bell, as “a true artist of wine.” Graham, Cooper Vineyards’ winemaker since 2002, hand crafts all of the wines from 100% Virginia grapes with approximately half of the grapes used in winemaking estate grown. Graham is able to create a number of distinctive wines that appeal to widely varying tastes, which include Cooper Vineyards nationally acclaimed Norton Reserve and Noche, their almost cult status chocolate infused dessert wine. In keeping with “green” practices, nearly all of Cooper Vineyards wine barrels are constructed from Virginia Oak.

Gabriele Rausse | Charlottesville, VA | 61 Miles

Gabriele Rausse wines bear an unmistakable European stamp. Clean structure, clear fruit flavors, judicious use of oak and realistic pricing catapult his wines to the top echelon in Virginia wines.One could easily say that the wines reflect the maker, Gabriele Rausse. The charming Italian winemaker is the man to seek for vineyard consulting. The winery is located in Charlottesville on a seven-acre vineyard. Gabriele buys most of his fruit from the vineyards that he has planted for several growers. Rausse makes all of the products at his winery with the help of his son, Tim. One a typical day, you can find Gabriele overseeing the garden grounds of Monticello.

Glen Manor | Front Royal, VA | 97 Miles

Glen Manor Vineyards is located in Virginia approximately 70 miles west of Washington D.C., situated on a western flank of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The surrounding mountains, ranging between 1400 and 3400 feet in elevation, form a “Glen” which gives the vineyards a unique environment: A world of its own. The vines grow high on very steep mountain slopes characterized by deep, well-draining, and rocky soils.

Horton Vineyards | Gordonsville | 60 Miles

Wine lover and entrepreneur Dennis Horton began his winemaking venture with a small home vineyard in Madison County, Virginia in 1983.  It did not take him long to realize that, although the Virginia summers were warm enough to ripen almost any grape variety, the humid conditions favored growing grapes with thicker skins and loose clusters.  There began the search for varieties that would flourish in Virginia’s climate and had the capacity to produce some of the finest wines of the world.

Dennis’ search concentrated on the warm growing regions of southern France, and before planting any additional grapes, Dennis traveled to the Rhone valley in France.  There he was struck by wines he felt had beautiful texture, grace, and finesse.  In his research, one grape in particular seemed to keep coming up as perfect – Viognier.  It was a grape of wonderful potential – it had a thick skin and loose clusters, perfect for the Virginia climate.

Ingleside Vineyards | Oak Grove, VA | 50 Miles

Producing their first wines in 1980, Ingleside is recognized as one of the pioneers of the modern Virginia wine industry. Over the last 30 years, they have won numerous awards from state, national and international competitions. Carl Flemer Jr., the founder of Ingleside Nurseries, began making his own wine in the 1970’s. At that time he started purchasing grapes to expand his winemaking skills. This is when he and his son, Doug, began seriously looking into growing grapes. During those early years, Ingleside Vineyards and Winery was born and Doug and his dad began the ambitious – and some say crazy – adventure to build vineyards and a winery in Virginia’s Northern Neck. Today, Ingleside is seen as a staple and cornerstone in the Virginia wine industry, producing amazing vintages year after year.

King Family Vineyards | Crozet, VA | 76 Miles

King Family Vineyards is managed by winemaker Matthieu Finot, who was born in Crozes Hermitage in the Rhone Valley of France. From a family of viticulturists and wine lovers, Matthieu was predisposed to continue his family’s pursuit of winemaking and enjoying. He first studied viticulture and oenology at Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy. After successfully receiving his advanced BTS degree, Matthieu worked in many different wine regions around France including Rhone Valley, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Provence, and Jura. Matthieu then wanted to gain world-wide experience. He worked in Italy and South Africa before settling in Virginia. Since arriving in 2003, Matthieu has worked with wineries throughout the state. He enjoys working in the Monticello Appellation most because he likes being close to Charlottesville, and the excitement of the regions growth. He also teaches classes on winemaking and taste analysis at Piedmont Valley Community College. When not at the winery, Matthieu likes to play rugby, rock climb, cook, snowboard and drink wine with his friends.

Linden Vineyards | Linden, VA | 97 Miles

In 1981, as a young winemaker, winemaker Jim Law took a job in Virginia. The vision of unlimited possibilities and a few good wines eventually lured him to set my roots on an abandoned hardscrabble farm on the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Much has changed since those early pioneer days, but the excitement of winegrowing in an evolving region stays just as strong. Over the years, Jim has joined in partnership with other like-minded winegrowers. Together, their job is to express the forces of earth, weather and vine in the bottle. All the grapes used to make Linden wines are grown in the mountains and valleys surrounding the winery. As winegrowers, Linden is primarily interested in how each vineyard site is expressed in the glass. Place is more important than grape variety. Their white wines have subtle minerality, verve and vibrant acidity. Their red wines show earth, depth and structure and age quite well.

Ox-Eye Vineyards | Staunton, VA | 96 Miles

The 100 acre farm on which Ox-Eye Vineyards now sits was purchased by John and Susan Kiers in 1996 for the purpose of growing wine grapes. Their interest was drawn to the Shenandoah Valley because of its relatively low rainfall and cool climate, and its deep limestone soil. Of particular interest was the strong diurnal temperature shift — the difference between day and night temperatures that typifies most of the valley. Diurnal shift is desirable during late summer and fall ripening as it allows sugars to rise without overly diminishing acidity. Their site has a top elevation of 1830 ft. with slopes that face east-southeast. It was dubbed Ox-Eye after the ox-eye daisies that at times proliferate the landscape. The Kiers family planted their first two acres of grapevines in 1999, eventually covering 20 acres with vines.

Pollak Vineyards | Greenwood, VA | 79 Miles

Pollak Vineyards is a small family-owned winery founded in 2003 with the purchase of a 98-acre farm west of Charlottesville, Virginia. Today, they have 27 acres of French vinifera planted with the intent of making estate grown wine that has the finesse and balance of the traditional French varietals. Owners Margo and David Pollak created Pollak Vineyards because they shared a passion for wine. They love the rhythm of the vineyard and they love evenings when they can share wine with friends. For David, this venture drew upon his experience in the late 1970s with vineyards along the Russian River in Sonoma. This was followed with the establishment of one of the first wineries in the now famous Carneros region of the Napa Valley. In Virginia, the Pollaks saw the potential to create great wines from well-sited and meticulously maintained vineyards. They sought the experience of other vintners and growers to seek an ideal site and then applied the best agricultural and winemaking practices.

Stone Mountain Vineyard | Greene, VA | 78 Miles

Stone Mountain Vineyards is situated atop the Blue Ridge Mountains in Greene County, Virginia (elevation approx. 1700 ft.). Established in 1995 with their first pressing in 1998. Rewind to 1986 when founder and winemaker Al Breiner planted a test plot of 200 vines. By the third leaf, the quality of the fruit was exceptional. An additional twenty acres was planted. The winery building site was selected for its unbelievable views. Al often said he should charge for the view and give away the wine! The architecture for the building was designed to maximize gravity flow processing within the winery, and to create a low profile building to not disturb the viewscape from below. One wine industry truism is that you can’t make great wine from bad fruit. From the beginning Stone Mountain has focused on high quality, low quantity vineyard production. Working with Gabriele Rausse, one of the fathers of the rebirth of Virginia wine, each vineyard was oriented to maximize the intensity of the fruit. In addition, the steep slope of the mountain prevented the heavy spring frost from settling in and damaging the vines.

Trump Winery | Charlottesville, VA | 63 Miles

Trump Winery features over 1000 acres of breathtaking scenery, situated in the heart of the Monticello Wine Trail in Charlottesville, VA. Just a few miles from Jefferson’s Monticello, Trump Winery follows Jefferson’s footsteps in making new world wines inspired by French wine regions such as Bordeaux and Champagne. With a deep sense of place, Trump ties together terroir and innovation.

Veritas | Afton, VA | 78 Miles

Veritas Winery is a family business owned by Andrew and Patricia Hodson, opened for business in June 2002; with the help of their daughter Emily they have succeeded in consistently producing a range of complex and elegant wines. The idyllic setting is easy to find but hard to leave, located just off I-64 at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Veritas wines are all unique and of high quality, derived from vitis vinifera with the exception of one French hybrid. Their philosophy is to make wine with the classic, old-style principles of Viticulture and Vinification, at the same time using state of the art technology to capture varietal and regional character.

White Hall Vineyard | Crozet, VA | 76 Miles

White Hall Vineyards quickly established itself as a producer of fine wine in Virginia, winning the Virginia industry’s most significant competition ~ the Governor’s cup ~ twice in succession: 1997 & 1998. Today, the winery continues to gain recognition within the state and, with increasing frequency, on a national basis. Owners Tony and Edie Champ set the tone for the winery’s signature style: a fruit-forward richer taste than is typical in Virginia. The Champs’ preferences were originally influenced by exploring the California wine industry in the 1960’s.  They honed their palates on wines of the world during their time in Manhattan. White Hall wines, however, are true to the context of Virginia, expressing both the terroir of its estate vineyards and the elegance which is a hallmark of Virginia’s top wines.

Wineworks / Michael Shaps Wines | Charlottesville, VA | 63 Miles

Located in the former Montdomaine winery just 12 miles south of Charlottesville, Virginia Wineworks is a multifaceted winery operation. Virginia Wineworks produces wines under both the Virginia Wineworks label & the Michael Shaps label. In addition, they are focused on increasing the popularity of custom winemaking, allowing individuals, grape growers, and wineries to use our expertise and facility to create wines for their own brand. Virginia Wineworks prides itself in offering a winemaking environment where the focus is on the wine quality.

In 2012, we worked directly with Michael Shaps to create our first ever house-wines. To read more about this special project, click here.

Albemarle Cider Works | North Garden, VA | 70 Miles

Albemarle CiderWorks is a family-run Cidery founded in 2008 by the Shelton family as an additional product line to the thriving Vintage Virginia Apples orchard and nursery. They produce a delicious hard cider from heritage varieties of apples that can thrive in Albemarle County, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson experimented with 18 or more varieties of apples at Monticello, only a few miles from their very own orchard at Rural Ridge. They grow a dozen or so of those heritage cultivars that are still extant as well as other old-fashioned varieties that are blended to create full-bodied ciders to rival those produced in the Colonial era.

Castle Hill Ciders | Keswick, VA | 57 Miles

Castle Hill Ciders location was founded in 1764 in Keswick, VA, and was the home of Colonel Thomas Walker, guardian and mentor to the late Thomas Jefferson. Today, Castle Hill reclaims its glory as a cidery using traditional Virginia apples and age old cider techniques. Their ciders are meant to be enjoyed with a variety of foods, each cider bringing a different pairing suggestion and flavor.

Potters Craft Cider | Free Union, VA | 72 Miles

Potter’s Craft Cider is new to the Virginia cider line-up, but certainly not a company to look past. Owners and cider-makers, Tim Edmond and Dan Potter both share a passion for the are and science behind cider making. Between the two, they are always exploring the countless flavors and aroma profiles that can be achieved using native apple varieties. Potter’s Craft Cider is a revival of authentic American farmhouse cider.  It is made using nothing but high-quality traditional cider apples, including Virginia Winesap and Albemarle Pippin.  Their select apples are grown locally in family-run orchards from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Bold Rock Cider | Nellysford, VA | 80 Miles

Want a simple explanation? A southern guy from Virginia had a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains and met a top cider maker in the world from New Zealand.  It doesn’t get much more southern than that!  Now the two of them are making hard cider and history. But if you’re looking for a bit more, we could describe Bold Rock Cider like this: Back in 1985, John Washburn bought a farm on the Rockfish River in Nelson County, Virginia, attracted by the trout river running through the property and the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding the farm.

John quickly saw the Virginia wine and beer industry growing and noticed that several local companies were really making names for themselves. In an effort to bridge the gap between wine enthusiast and beer lover, he started experimenting with ciders. So, he had the land and he had the plan. Now he needed to find the man (or woman!) with cider making expertise.  Well, why not seek advice from a foremost international cider expert?  Sure!  No problem.  Go to Gisborne, New Zealand to meet Brian Shanks. The rest is history!

Gourmet Foods (Chocolates and Delicacies): Rooted throughout Virginia, you will find artisans who take time to craft their products, using slower, traditional methods and craft compared to larger companies that mass produce product. We love these people, the time they put into their work, and the final product they create. Here’s a list of local artisan producers we buy from:

Pizza Tonight | Richmond, VA | 1 Mile

Pizza Tonight was founded by our good friend Victoria and Joe DeRoche right here in Richmond, VA. The concept started as a fun get together with friends who simply loved pizz, and has since grown into one of the most well-known pizzas in Richmond. Victoria and Joe hand make all of their delcious doughs (including a gluten-free version), sauces, and meatballs, allowing you to create your own masterpiece amongst friends.

Olli Salumeria | Mechanicsville, VA | 8 Miles

Olli Salumeria was founded four years ago by two friends, Oliviero (Olli) Colmignoli and investor Charles (Chip) Vosmik. Olli was born and raised in Rome into a family of salumi makers.  As a boy, Olli spent plenty of time at his grandfather’s prosciutto and salame factories, and by an early age he picked up a lot of knowledge about how to cure various meats. Eventually he decided to learn photography, which he got into while living briefly in London. But, salame was a big part of Olli, and he went back to join to join the family’s 4th generation business in Rome. Six years ago, he moved to the States to join Fiorucci USA. Olli and Chip started Olli Salumeria together in 2009. Olli can usually be found out in the curing rooms, keeping a watchful eye on every aspect of production.

Today, the small company crafts delicious cured meats using all-natural, and locally-sourced pork that never uses antibiotics or added hormones. To watch an incredible video about Olli Salumeria, click here.

Virginia Chutney | Washinigton, VA | 88 Miles

Founders Clare and Nevill found their way from East Africa and England before settling in Washington, VA. The two met in the Caribbean where they made mango and pineapple chutneys and had two sons, Olive and Christopher. When they moved to Virginia, they soon discovered that the American South had a rich tradition of chutney making. An interesting thing about chutney is how its ingredients and applications reflect the local region. For instance, in India they use tamarind chutneys with curry, the English love Major Grey’s chutney with Ploughman’s lunch, Caribbean cuisine serves mango chutney on fish, New England loves cranberries and maybe Laplanders enjoy cloudberry chutney on reindeer! However, here in Virginia, the traditional chutneys are peach, apple, and green tomatoes often served with ham, cold chicken and roast pork.

Gearhart’s Chocolate | Charlottesville, VA | 63 Miles

Gearhart’s creates confections of uncompromising quality, forging memorable combinations of flavors and textures with artisan craftsmanship. With the leadership of Tiim Gearhart, the small team crafts delicious chocolates using the world-renowned Criollo Cocoa from the finest Venezuelan plantations to impart their chocolate with unparalleled depth and complexity. This chocolate is blended together with local sweet cream and pure butter, then with top-quality fruits, nuts, herbs, teas, spices, and liquors. Each piece is then finished by hand.

Potomac Chocolate Co. | Woodbridge, VA | 78 Miles

Based in Woodbridge, VA, Potomac Chocolate Co. was founded in 2010, and is the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Washington, DC area. From chocolate maker, Ben Rasussen’s small workshop, he crafts fine chocolate using a traditional, artisan approach. Hand-crafting every bar, Ben coaxes out only the best flavors from the cacao bean in every step of the process—from roasting, cracking and winnowing the cacao beans, refining and conching, to tempering and molding the final bars. In order to highlight the beans’ flavor, chocolate is made from the bare minimum of ingredients: cacao beans and sugar, with no added vanilla, cocoa butter or emulsifier. For a good look into Ben’s chocolate making process, watch this video.

Chocolate Cravings | Richmond, VA | 4 Miles

Cathy Churcher is the palate and mind behind Richmond’s Chocolate Cravings. Chocolate is truly her passion. The inspiration for Chocolate Cravings came from years of making butter creams and peanut butter balls for family and friends for the holidays. As requests for Cathy’s candy grew, she studied with Ecole Chocolat where she then received her certificate as a Professional Chocolatier. Today, she continues to develop new products and refine her skills through classes and travel around the world to meet chocolatiers. Most recently, Cathy visited cacao plantations in Costa Rica, which gave her a greater appreciation of where chocolate comes from, its history, and its worldwide impact. In 2009, she opened up her own shop in the Lakeside area of Richmond, and continues to participate in regional farmers markets.

Chocolates By Kelly | Richmond, VA | 3 Miles

Chocolate is not a luxury, it’s a way of life, at least for Kelly Walker and her ardent followers it is. Her family tree is chocolate dipped and she continues and grows the tradition by hand-crafting each of her lovelies by hand. Salted caramels, cranberry vodka cordials and many many more confections. Kelly has a rich family history of candy and chocolate making. Starting in Philadelphia, her great, great, great uncle Al was a candy maker by trade. When she was 19 years old, she, along with her sister and mother, traveled to Philadelphia to learn from the Master. They watched, taking careful notes, as she showed them how to temper the chocolate by hand; how to test it; how to work it; even how to taste it. She showed them how to make her famous buttercreams on a cold stone table. To the day, Kelly has just scratched the surface of chocolate making with many more delicate and delicious treats to come!

Meat & Seafood: Virginia is home to many who truly appreciate small-scale, place-based agriculture and livestock farming. These farmers focus on quality over quantity, allowing their animals to grow and feed at natural rates, without using hormones and growth stabilizers in their diet. We also have a small group of fishermen who appreciate sustainable, wild-caught methods such as hook and line fishing. These fishermen know where to fish and what not to catch. They reduce by catch avoid harmful species.

Ayrshire Farms | Upperville, VA | 100 Miles

Ayrhsire Farms is our only USDA Certified Organic meat producer located within 100 miles of our store. They specialized in rare and endangered, heritage breed livestock (such as Scottish Hightland Cattle) and sustainable, traditional farming methods. Ayrshire is also a full-circle farm, growing certified organic heirloom fruits and vegetables as well. It is a working manor farm, historically a place of efficiency, sufficiency, and serenity.

Best of What’s Around | Scottsville, VA | 57 Miles

Best of What’s Around, LLC, is a local farming operation situated four miles north of Scottsville, Virginia. Originating as six separate but contiguous farms, the property was purchased by Dave Matthews and his wife Ashley Harper in 2002. In 2003 the Matthews placed the entire 1261 acres under a protective land conservation easement, thereby safeguarding it against any possible development, and then set themselves the not-so-small task of building a certified organic farm from the bottom up.

The name of the farm, taken from a Dave Matthews Band song, emphasizes the focus and intention of the farm: growing and providing the very best of everything around, keeping to high standards of integrity, sustainability, and quality. The farm has maintained organic certification with Oregon Tilth, Inc. since 2002.

Brown’s All-Natural Meats | Brownsburg, VA | 100 Miles

Craig & Toria Brown have been farming their entire lives and both come from a family of farmers. With the help of their parents and grandparents, they have learned to respect the land rather than take away from it. Brown’s animals are born and raised on the family farm before they hand select which animals will be pastured and fed for production. This allows them to know all about the animal; where it came from, what it has been fed, its past and present health. All cattle are Angus or Angus-based providing a wonderful full body, well marbled meat.  Animals lend themselves to a great final product: all natural, locally raised, and deliciously tasty – hormone and antibiotic free.

Polyface Farms Meat | Swoope, VA | 100 Miles

Located just on the border of our 100-mile radius lies Polyface Farms, one of the reasons why we began to dedicate ourselves to selling local products in the mid 2000′s. After our first tour of the farm and meeting owner and operator, Joel Salatin, we new that Polyface Farm would set the standard for sustainability and holistic, local farming. Polyface, Inc. is a family owned, multi-generational, pasture-based, beyond organic, local-market farm and informational outreach in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. On their land, they raise pork, cattle, chickens, eggs, and beef year round using a number of beyond-organic methods that replenish the land rather than take away from it.

Sausage Craft| Richmond, VA | 1.5 Miles

Sausage Craft makes delicious sausages to close to us we can almost smell them. Sausage Craft uses hands-on, artisanal methods to create small batches of sausages, terrines, bacon and other meat products using locally-sourced meats whenever available. They combining a traditional approach to style and craftsmanship with modern techniques and technology. They believe that traditionally and locally-raised livestock provides meat that simply tastes better, and that ethically-made products can improve the lot of animals, the environment and your health. That’s why their products are made from humanely-raised meat without added hormones, antibiotics or steroids. No preservatives. No synthetic casings.

Tuckahoe Lamb & Cattle | Cartersville, VA | 38 Miles

Tuckahoe Lamb and Cattle Co. is a multi-species, grass based family farm located in rural Cartersville, Virginia. Their cattle herd has been built over 25 years with careful selection for animals who do well on grass.  Their herd is fully adapted to the native grasses and forages on their land. The cattle are moved to fresh grass each day during the grass growing season.  100% free of antibiotics and added hormones.

Baked Goods: Throughout the state, Virginian’s have their ovens on, crafting small-batch baked goods and fresh breads! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread when you walk in, it opens the nose and warms the soul. Here’s a list of local bakeries that we carry:

Anna B’s Gluten-Free Bakery | Mechanicsville, VA | 10 Miles

Being gluten intolerant should never be a problem, and with AnnaB’s wide selection of certified gluten-free baked goods, it won’t. AnnaB’s is a gluten-free production facility in Richmond, Virginia, where she mixes everything in small batches, fresh with lots of gluten-free love. If you have any food allergies, then you know what it is like to wonder if it’s really gluten free. Or corn free. Or nut free. Or dairy free. Or your-allergy-here free. All of AnnaB’s equipment is sanitized before and after each use, and they never allow gluten in the kitchen at all, anywhere, for any reason or at any time. And why would they? We don’t need it anyway!

Billy Bread | Richmond, VA | 3 Miles

If you’ve lived in Richmond for long enough, you’re bound to have seen the loaves at your local markets, or on your plate at the many restaurants that carry it. Billy Fallen launched Billy Bread in 1999. Around 2004, sold the business. But his story isn’t done yet. In 2010, Billy decided to buy the company back and begin baking nearly 1,500 loaves per week in his wood fired oven at Aziza’s on Main Street. “My culinary passion is baking,” Fallen says, “and it’s exciting to get back to something I’ve always loved.” But, with the specter of 20-hour Tuesdays and a 1 a.m. daily start time, “it’s the easiest job with the toughest schedule — but it’s great, therapeutic work,” he says, “and bread is the foundation of food history.”

Cupertino’s Bagels | Richmond, VA | 04 Miles

Years ago, we would sourced our bagels from New York’s famous H&H Bagels. They would arrive par-baked and we would finish them off. This process took lots of driving, overnight, if we expected to get relatively fresh bagels in the morning. When we finally discovered Cupertino’s Bagels right in our own back yard, we immediately made the switch. Founded in 2007 by Walter Baietti, a native of Bari, Italy then to the Bronx, Baietti then moved to Richmond with his wive. Not only do Cupertino’s bagels meet our ingredient standards, but they are fresh baked daily just 4 miles away and delivered fresh every morning. In a true New York style, they’re crunch on the outside and chewy in the center.

Judy’s 10-Grain Bread | Richmond, VA | Baked In-House

Judy McNeer has been a long time customer of Ellwoods and friends with our owner, Rick Hood, for some time. Judy started baking breads some time ago and would source her organic ingredients from Ellwoods, grinding the grains fresh daily so the bread didn’t have time to oxidate, and filling with them healthy whole grains such as flax and chia to make them nutrient dense. Rick finally convinced her to start selling her breads in the store under condition that Judy made: we had to bake the loaves. “My kitchen is only so big,” she said! So with that, Ellwood’s Bakeshop started producing Judy’s 10-Grain mini loaves whenever we get the time to grind fresh grains.

Lucille’s Bakery | Richmond, VA | 1.5 Miles

Lucille’s Bakery is located just down the street from us on Meadow Ave. and makes delicious small and delicate sweets that we carry in our bakery case. If you’re looking for the perfect little tart or mini pie on your way out to crave your sweet tooth or give as a gift, look no further. Best part about Lucille’s Bakery is that she fully meets our ingredient standards, baking with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colorings, using only all-natural ingredients.

Mimi’s Whole Grain | Goochland, VA | 29 Miles

Very simply, every product on Mimi’s menu is whole grain. Period. She takes the whole seed (mainly wheat and oat right now), sends it through her mill, and 100% of the resulting fresh ground flour goes into the recipes for the day. She uses a variety of wheatberries and custom blend for the product.  In the midst of whole grain labeling on commercial products, Mimi’s product truly is whole grain the entire way through.

Montana Gold Bakery | Richmond, VA | 0.1 Miles

Out of all the local vendors that we source, there is no one closer than Montana Gold Bakery. They’re so close that on a good day we could hit their front door with a rock (not that we would). Montana Gold has been in business in Richmond since 1994, starting each day by milling their wheat in their Stone Burr Mill. All of their products are made from scratch with all natural ingredients. Their loaves are fat free and have no additives or preservatives, just the way we like them. They’re one of most popular local loaves.

Owl Branch Bakery | Hayes, VA | 52 Miles

If you take out gluten and dairy products, when what on Earth will a cupcake taste like? Delicious is the answer! Owl Branch Bakery specializes is allergen-free baked goods, and in our case, truly delicious cupcakes. They specialized in vegan, gluten-free, and planet friendly options. Owl Branch attempts to run the most sustainable business as possible. Owl Branch sources local products whenever possible from sustainable and clean-minded farmers that don’t use fertilizers or pesticides. The bakery uses only free trade organic sugars and agave nectar, organically grown-USA flour, and local and seasonal fruits. Truly a company we can stand behind!

Prairie Grain Bakery | Midlothian, VA | 9 Miles

Prairie Grain Bakery located on the south side of Richmond goes the extra mile when baking their breads. Ingredients are selected for their quality and wheat is stone-ground in their bakery every day before they are baked. They use the simplest ingredient such as stone milled whole wheat flour, unbleached white flour, honey, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, oat bran, rolled oats, poppy seeds, sea salt, and yeast.

Three Feller’s Gluten-Free Bakery | Goochland, VA | 24 Miles

3 Fellers Bakery began shortly after founder Susan Feller was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  An avid baker, she was frustrated by the grainy, bland taste of gluten-free products on the market.  Her mission – to create delicious, gourmet, gluten-free baked goods that would allow those on gluten-free diets to enjoy desserts again.  And boy, did she succeed.

Today, the company has long outgrown Susan’s kitchen, the first “home” of 3 Fellers Bakery, and now has a bustling operation based near Richmond, Virginia.   It is still very much a family affair, led by Susan’s eldest son, Michael, who holds an MBA from the University of Virginia, and managed by her son Brian, who brings both a business background and personal experience with Celiac Disease. They’re joined by a talented crew of bakers who, like the Fellers, are absolutely committed to top quality, fantastically delicious products.

Bodycare and Nourishment: We often source many of our supplement and body care products from 100 miles or less. Some of our local Artisans even grow their own herbs right in their backyard. Supporting local farms and products allows us to give you the freshest, most trusted product in our area while supporting local businesses.

Anoush Essential Oils | Richmond, VA | .5 Miles

Anoush Essential Oils is made by our very own Nancy Smith who has been working with essential oils for years now. Anoush makes high-quality, chemical-free, essential oils and aromatherapy products. The centuries-old art of aromatherapy has many practical modern uses, from first aid, to skin care, to emotional balancing. Awaken your sense of smell, and find the blends that work for you.

Adiva Naturals| Richmond, VA | 7 Miles

Adiva, which in Arabic means “pleasant” and “gentle,” was created as an all-natural alternative to single-purpose products with useless additives. Their products are made of the very best elements that Mother Nature can provide to ensure beautiful and healthy skin and hair.

Aromabar | Richmond, VA | 9 Miles

Aromabar is a medicinal aromatherapy inhalant with six different formulas that are ailment specific. Just find your number, open, breathe, and receive relief. Aromabar is a portable, mess-free, reusable inhalant that you can take with you anywhere, and the product will last for a very long time, for six months to a year with daily use. No mixing, burning or applying to the skin is needed. Just Breathe. Aromabar is made by a small family-owned and operated cottage industry located on Maryland’s eastern shore, just outside historical Chestertown with their home base in Richmond, Va.

B Cakes | Midlothian, VA | 9 Miles

B Cakes uses beeswax, honey, and/or Royal Jelly in most of their products due to their amazing moisturizing, healing and skin-nutritious qualities to give you amazing skin care from simple ingredients. Their products are the perfect post-shower or bath treat to paper and nourish you skin and soul. The company is committed to sourcing local, fair trade, and sustainable ingredients as often as possible and offering green packaging.

Brigit True Organics | Charlottesville, VA | 65 Miles

Brigit True Organics (BTO) is a skin care company based in Charlottesville Virginia. They offer a complete line of natural body care crafted freshly, in-house with herbal formulations that reflect both scientific research and traditional healing wisdom. All of BTO’s products are 100% Natural and 74% – 99% Organic, using the highest quality ingredients: organic virgin olive oil, organic herbs, and organic plant essences. BTO do not use any tree nut oils and they are of course cruelty free. For maximum support and protection of delicate skin BTO uses food grade ingredients wherever possible, making all of their products edible. They never resort to mineral oil, fillers, artificial scents, parabens, synthetic preservatives, or chemical colorings.

Copper Hill Essentials | Mechanicsville, VA | 10 Miles

Copper Hill Essentials offers a unique and original collection of aromatherapy products. ALL of their essential oils are 100% PURE, THERAPEUTIC–GRADE, and their products contain 100% natural ingredients. The integrity and quality of Copper Hill products reflects their knowledge and passion. They are truly committed to the principles of natural healing by gently assisting the body in balancing itself. Copper Hill Essentials donates a percentage of its profits to animal rights⁄rescue and environmental organizations. They are committed to using recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.

Valley Green Naturals | Broad Run, VA | 87 Miles

What once started out as a family living in the Washington D.C. suburban sprawl, quickly became a more sustainable-minded family living in the countryside of northern Virginia. This family quickly started growing their own vegetables, raising chickens, and enjoying life on their small hobby farm. Soon a home soap making kit was purchased, and that’s where it all started. Selling soap to friends soon started to grow. Now, Valley Green Naturals sources its ingredients locally from the Virginia Piedmont whenever possible, but they also support organic farming and Fair Trade on a global basis. Valley Green Naturals’ formulations contain such ingredients as certified organic oils, bee propolis and honey, Fair Trade sugar from Malawi, Africa, and a variety of certified organic botanical extracts. Since the company’s launch in the Fall of 2009, the Valley Green Naturals product line has grown beyond soaps and now boasts over 40 skin, hair and bath care products that are free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens and petrochemicals.

Garden of Eve | North Garden, VA | 68 Miles

Garden of Eve founder Eve Stahl, has created a unique organic skin care line for men and women.  Her focus on the purity and quality of natural ingredients surpasses what one will find in other ‘natural’ brands.  After extensive research into the attributes of herbs and the essential oils of plants, Stahl has harnessed beneficial botanical ingredients in her revolutionary line. The idea to create her product line began when Eve’s health deteriorated due to toxic chemicals used to refurbish the office building in which she worked. Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, and an array of chemical and food sensitivities plagued her. Having been accustomed to a healthy and energetic lifestyle, Eve extensively researched methods of detoxification and repair, ranging from oxygen and enzyme therapies to mineral nutrition and has incorporated all of these into her all-natural products today.

Herbal Body Blessings | Henrico, VA | 9.5 Miles

Herbal Body Blessings was originated in August 2006 by Janie Brodie of Richmond, VA.  The desire to create all natural products that were not only good for the skin, but smelled great too. Janie soon began by creating the first cocoa butter blend and have since added 13 different fragrances, as well as various herbal bath teas, bath salts, hair balms and lip balm. Herbal Body Blessings is a family business that strives to deliver an all natural, hand-made product using no chemical ingredients or preservatives.

Herban Avenues | Richmond, VA | 4 Miles

Herban Avenues creates healthy teas and other soother remedies, aromtherapeutic soaps and bath treats that are all made from organically-grown ingredients by a local, Virginia herbalist. Herban Avenues makes all of their products without petroleum, synthetics, or harmful chemicals. They do not use any alcohols or harsh detergents in our soaps or lotions, and use plant only ingredients. They use amazing ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oils, aloe, and more. All of their packaging is recycled/recyclable and every product is completely biodegradable.

House of Lukaya | Richmond, VA | 2 Miles

House of Lukaya is made by Richmond native Lucretia Jones! Her increasing awareness of the connection between what she put in her body and on her skin led to a live-in apprenticeship with renowned Wise Woman herbalist Susun Weed, on her goat farm in upstate NY. Lucretia completed the course in 2003 and continues to learn with Susun through correspondence and self-study. House of Lukaya offers handcrafted body care, incense, and oils. Each one of her products is crafted from the purest, natural ingredients, including oils infused with fresh plants.

Iris Oils | Richmond, VA | 2 Miles

Iris Oils was created by nurses Katie Coleman and Erin Hill. Together, the two recognized a void in natural child birth and maternity supplements to help aid and ease this process. By experimenting with oils on themselves during labor and childbirth, Katie and Erin realized the benefit of essential oils and aromatherapy during this delicate process. With their own childbirth oils as an inspiration , the two began researching and expanding the Iris Oils line to include more great products that were safe for pregnancy, birth and beyond. These new products include aromatherapy sprays and lotions and oils to repair skin, increase romance, soothe muscles/joints and relax the mind. Iris Oils naturally made, chemical-free products are designed to encourage and optimize the health and well-being of mothers everywhere.

Mac’s Smack | Richmond, VA | 15 Miles

What began as a fascination with lip care products led to McKenzie Payne’s dream of independently producing a unique lip balm that would bring ease to all who used it. Mac’s Smack was created in the kitchen of McKenzie in Ashland, VA. Her products use minimal ingredients (often no more than ten) and are sourced locally and organically whenever possible – never using petroleum or parabens. Each run is made in small batches by hand with the idea of creating effective and safe formulas for you and your family. One factor that sets Mac’s Smack apart is her commitment to transparency. She fully lists all of her ingredients and their purpose online.

Miavocado | Richmond, VA | 1.5 Miles

Miavocado is all natural skin and hair products that are all infused with the healing power of avocados. The entire line is free from SLS, SLES, parabens, gluten, and alcohol, for a truly simple product that is effective and safe. Avocados are a natural way to nurture and replenish your body without any chemicals. The oil from avocados has long been used in many beauty products such as cleansing creams, hair conditioners, facial masks, bath oils and massage lotions. This is due to the fact that avocados are rich with essential nutrients that soothe and moisturize your skin naturally.

Malikah Divine | Richmond, VA | 2 Miles

Malkiha Divine was founded in 2o04 and remains family-owned and operated around a holistic philosophy. Founder Malikah Divine merged her deep passion for holistic body care with her husband, Dr. Haki Divine, a holistic physician and master herbalist. It was there desire to create a modern skincare line that doesn’t incorporate artificial and harmful ingredients, preservative, irritating fragrances, colorants, and other unnecessary ingredients. Their products are handcrafted and synergized with a careful blend of organic plant life that has specific healing properties for the skin. They use 100% Certified Organic plants, herbs, flowers and essential oils to ensure the highest quality of our products. Malikah Divine holistic Skin Care is a pharmaceutical grade product that produces excellent benefits without the adverse affects of synthetic chemicals.

Naked Soy Candles | Richmond, VA | 3 Miles

Naked Soy Candles was founded in 2005 out of a love of two things: making a home smell great, and helping animals. To this day, the company still does both. These candles are quite possibly the best and cleanest burning candles we’ve ever used- soy wax, a cotton core wick, and zero dyes. And 5% of the profits every quarter that they make are donated to national and local animal shelters and rescues! That’s a candle with a conscience. That’s the Naked Soy Candle Company!

Naked Soy Candles are made with 100% soy wax which is a naturally renewable resource.  If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of soy, it’s a much cleaner burning wax than paraffin wax (which is the wax that many candle companies use).  You’ll know if your candle is made from paraffin wax- those are the candles that are burn with a great deal of soot and leave a black residue on the candle jar.  Everything that burns will produce soot, however, soy wax produces much, much less soot than paraffin candles.  Why?  Soy wax is natural.  Paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum refining.  This is also one of the reasons why people will say that burning candles give them a headache.  It’s not necessarily all candles- it’s most likely the fumes from those paraffin candles.

Richmond Soap Studios | Richmond, VA | 1.2 Miles

Richmond Soap Studio was created by Rebekah and Joe who work diligently in their shop on Strawberry Street. Their soaps are made with saponified olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil.  Only natural essential oils, minerals and botanicals are used for scent and color.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  You will not find chemicals, animal products, synthetic dyes or fragrances on our ingredients list. Each soap is hand-made in small batches using the old-fashioned Cold Process Method.  Hand-cut, each bar is completely unique. They use organic, locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients whenever possible and their packaging is made of recycled materials and is recyclable. No compromises on quality, they personally test and pH test each batch.

Rustik Circle Soap | Richmond, VA | 3 Miles

Rustik Circle Soap was created by Anne and Chris Carson of Richmond, VA, under the belief that their artisan soaps will turn any home into a sanctuary. They make soap the “Old Fashioned Way” cold-processed with all natural ingredients. They spend each Sunday in their home studio making a new batch of soaps. Their ingredients include organic olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, hemp oil, shea and cocoa butters, spring water, lye, and 100% pure aromatherapy essential oils and botanicals. All of Rustik Circle’s soaps are all-natural, vegan and biodegradable, handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality.

Tasha’s Own Goat’s Milk Soap | Virginia Beach, VA | 96 Miles

Tasha’s Own is a family owned and operated venture located in the only remaining rural section of the resort town of Virginia Beach. They take great pride in providing a sustainably produced, all natural, hand crafted product. Their home, Hearthside Farm, is also home to an ever-increasing variety of animals, including sheep, cattle, ponies, poultry and a lively band of Nubian dairy goats. Known for their long, floppy ears and the high butterfat content of their milk, Nubians are the aristocracy of the goat world. Their little royals live lives of happiness and sunshine, roaming about 30 acres as they please and feasting on sweet grasses, herbs and nutrient dense alfalfa. This free range lifestyle and diet leads to a superbly rich and health “producing” milk. It is this nourishing and life giving liquid that provides almost half of their soap’s content.

Wildly American Soap Company | Richmond, VA | 2 Miles

Wildly American Soap is in fact soap.  The parabens, phthalates, and surfactants that other companies use, they do not.  Wildly American cold process their own soap, meaning that each bar is made by their founder one batch at a time. Each batch is created with formulas using the best oils and vegetable butters available. The oils are slow melted with low heat and then combined with food grade lye to begin saponification. By the end of the cure, you have mild soap that is detergent free and gentle on skin with no added toxic chemical load. This my friends, is Wildly American Soap.